PGA Friend of Golf

Golf Coaches Association of Wisconsin PGA Friends of Golf Award

This award is for the golf professional that has supported junior golf. To nominate someone for the Golf Coaches Association of Wisconsin PGA Friend of Golf Award, please complete the nomination form below.

John Turner (2016)
Jack Gaudion (2016)
Dirk Willis (2011)
Richard Tock (2005)
Ray Kizer (2003)
Al Yates (2002)
Carl Unis (2001)
Mike Urban (2001)
Doug Krause (2000)
Jim & Gary Van Pee (2000)
Guy Miller (1999)
Tom Wiese (1997)
Xavier Sandoval (1996)
Mike Schnarr (1995)
Jackie Thompson (1995)
Dennis Tiziani (1995)
Dan Buckley (1995)
Rob Muranyi (1994)
Dewey Dupont (1994)
Steve Howe (1993)
Mike Bencriscutto (1991
George Schiro (1991)